Congressional District 35 

While losing in Comal County by a hefty 17 point margin, Lloyd Doggett won his re-election bid against Republican David Smalling 71.2% to 26.1%. Lloyd likes people, and people like Lloyd. People outside of Comal County, anyway. 


Congressional District 21 

Republican Chip Roy SLAUGHTERED Joseph Kopser 74.78% to 23.6% in Comal County, but finished with a less-impressive-but-only-in-comparison 50.3% to 47.5% district wide. 


State Senate/House 

As far as the State Senate goes, the Republicans won a solid two-thirds of the seats up for grabs, while over at the State House the ratio is a little tighter, with 82 of 152 races going red (you do the maths on that one). 


US House Delegation 

All in all, the Great State is sending 13 donkeys and 22 elephants to the US House o’ Reps in January. A net gain of two seats for the Texas Dems, which is more than they had reason to expect. Because Texas. 


Criminal District Attorney 

Criminal, District Attorney Jennifer Anne Owens Tharp ran unopposed again and won unopposed again because nobody cares about the unbelievable incompetence in the DA’s office which is actually operated by Uday & Qusay Tharp, one of whom needs to shave and have a fashion consult before appearing in court again. Cuff those pants and pretend to have some respect for the justice system, for a god’s sake. Also, haircut. 


County Judge 

“The Sherminator”, Sherman Krause, also ran for re-election unopposed, because he’s a pretty good county judge and nobody wants to upset the apple cart. 


County Commissioner - Precinct Two 

Incumbent Scott Haag actually had an opponent, and still managed to haul in 98.34% of the vote. Holy cow. 


County Commissioner - Precinct Four 

Things were closer over to Precinct Four, with Jen Crownover beating Dem Dorothy Carroll by the standard Comal County red-to-blue ratio of nearly four-to-one. 78.26% to 21.74%. 


Next Wednesday we’re most likely going to talk about a local boy’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week. See you then. 





Mike Reynolds