A Li’l Awkward Around the DA’s Office

Imagine being the Chief Civil Prosecutor in Comal County, working for a DA that prosecutes non-criminals (only to give up after years of persecution) while letting admitted ones off without even a cursory slap on the wrist. One day, you find out that a (now former) Comal County Sheriff’s Deputy has admitted to grooming a minor for, and eventually having, the sex. And that now-former Deputy is your husband. So not only did your husband admit to cheating on you, he did it with the 17-year-old daughter of a co-worker. That’s the predicament Comal County’s Tiffany Leal is facing.


Sure, the former Deputy Leal carefully waited until a few days after his victim turned 17 and was *good and legal* before pulling the trigger on a year’s worth of prep, telling the girl that he "didn't want to go to prison." But the charges aren’t for kid-touching; they are for “sexual performance of a child”, which, despite the language, doesn’t mean what the general public might expect—in this case it refers to the foundation work necessary to convince a youngster to let their guard down long enough for an act of sexual abuse to be performed on them. A dry run, as it were.

Former Comal County Sheriff's Deputy

James Leal