For Education Emergencies:

Publicly funded college tuition


Another look at forced busing


Across-the-board forgiveness of student loans


For Climate-Change Emergencies:

Euro-style taxes on gasoline to encourage “responsible” automobile use


The eradication of the coal industry


Massive taxes on air travel


Zero-carbon standards for everything



For Civil-Rights Emergencies:

Nullification of any vote cast by a male member of Congress/Supreme Court regarding female reproductive autonomy—retroactive 100 years (Ok, this one isn't even up for consideration. Sure is scary, though, right?)


Full legal recognition of all marriages between consenting adults


Full legal protection of all LBGTBQLMNOP persons

The elimination of the death penalty

A reversion to the pre-McCarthy Pledge of Allegiance



For Cash Emergencies:

Suspension of “economic development” programs for private businesses


A spankin’ new WPA


Guaranteed Basic Income


The revocation of tax-exempt status for all religious organizations


Of course, even if the wall thing gets past SCOTUS, these proposals can only come to fruition if a Democrat is elected president. And what are the chances of that ever happening again? Rest easy, y'all.


Friends With Benefits

Come Thursday, February 28, the Texas Exes of Comal and Guadalupe Counties are throwing an early Independence Day party out at the Lake Breeze Ski Lodge at Lake McQueeney. Longhorn Athletics Director Chris Del Conte will be speaking at this year’s event, which is a scholarship fundraiser for deserving local students. For ticket information, email or call Stoney Williams at 830-625-2420 by February 26.



Mike Reynolds