EMERGENCY! Katy, bar the door!

Last Friday, after the US House and Senate denied President Trump the funds he wants to build a wall along our southern border, POTUS declared a national emergency in order to outflank Congress and access cash it had constitutionally allocated for other purposes.


He probably won’t get this one past the courts, but if he does, there will be two groups of people extremely happy with the outcome; his conservative base (who’d like to see legal abortion go next), and the radical liberals who are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of what they’ll be able to do the next time a Democrat is elected POTUS.


This charismatic young "New Green Deal" proponent

wields far more constitutional power than you ever will

Here’s a partial list of what could be on the table should President Trump pull this off:

For Mass Shooting Emergencies:

A ban on semi-automatic weapons


A ban on large firearm magazines—also a redefining of the word “large”


A substantial tax on firearms and ammunition


Annual limits on ammunition purchases


Household Limit on number of firearms owned


Mandatory background checks for all firearms purchases (no private party exemption)


Mandatory registration of all firearms


Mandatory secure storage of all firearms


Mandatory accident/misuse insurance for all firearms owners


Criminal liability for gun owners for misuse of improperly secured firearms


For Public Health Emergencies:

Single-payer, universal healthcare


Mandatory vaccines for anyone without a legitimate medical exemption


Taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand