It seems in all the excitement that Secretary Whitley, Governor Abbott and POTUS jumped the gun in a big way. Those numbers started falling apart by the tens of thousands almost immediately, forcing Abbott to back peddle, as it were, on the conclusions they thought the data revealed.


Chock Full o’ Errors

So far, about 18,000 of the names submitted to Harris County as suspect have been found to belong to real, live American citizens. That’s 60 percent of the Harris County list. Certainly, we can all agree that a 60 percent error rate on a project intended to cancel voter registration is cause for concern.


Dallas County’s list of 9,938 contracted by about 1,700 citizens right off the bat. Tarrant County dropped about 1,100 from its list of 5,800. Travis County found 634 Americans on its list of 4,558. Williamson County’s list of about 2,000 was immediately reduced by 50 percent. Up in Waco, every last one of the 366 people on its list that, according to POTUS, voted illegally, turned out to be… wait for it… American citizens. Fortunately, Texas counties are more detail oriented than the Secretary of State’s office, or these citizens would have been purged from the voter rolls and turned away from their respective polling place in 2020, denied their real-American right to vote.


And again, those numbers are “so far”. Expect further reductions as the counties analyze their lists.


BONUS: Out in the west Texas town of El Paso, a county elections official appeared on the list. Turns out she’s an American. :p



Hey, remember when the New Braunfels can-ban advocates said that the cans removed from the Comal would reach Ft Worth if they were laid end-to-end? And when we did the maths and found that they would barely make it to San Marcos? Do you remember what Mayor Pospisil’s defense was when presented with corrected data? She said, “The numbers don’t matter... one can is too many”. We asked why, if that’s the case, she hadn’t told the truth to begin with.


The fact is that numbers matter greatly when they’re being used to sway public opinion in an effort to justify legislation. If one really is “too many”, then find your one and run your crusade on that. But we all know one money-changer isn’t enough to justify running through the temple with a whip and your 12 buddies. Big actions are for big problems. In any case, expect Abbott and Friends to trot out the “Numbers don’t matter/One is too many” defense in the near future.


This mistake was born of enthusiasm. That enthusiasm is what makes the motives of the people behind it, and those that misrepresented the data, look suspect AF. Pro Tip: If you don’t want to look like you’re out to suppress the vote, you shouldn’t let on that you’re aroused by the prospect.


Friends With Benefits

Come Thursday, February 28, the Texas Exes of Comal and Guadalupe Counties are throwing an early Independence Day party out at the Lake Breeze Ski Lodge at Lake McQueeney. Longhorn Athletics Director Chris Del Conte will be speaking at this year’s event, which is a scholarship fundraiser for deserving local students. For ticket information, email or call Stoney Williams at 830-625-2420 by February 26.


Mike Reynolds