Abbott Walks Back Voter Fraud Numbers

In January, Texas’ Secretary of State David Whitley announced that he had discovered 95,000 non-citizens who had registered to vote. Tree antagonist and Texas Governor Greg Abbott wasted no time promising prosecutions and new laws in a retweet of AG Paxton's VOTER FRAUD ALERT to his fans on the Twitter:

A few days later he told reporters “‘Listen, this isn’t a hard-and-fast list.” Oops. By then, POTUS already told America, in non-ambiguous language, that 58,000 illegal votes had been already been cast.

"That's not what he meant."

Go back up to the Abbott tweet and look at the one he quoted—that one AG Ken Paxton sent out. Paxton ALERTED us to voter fraud even though as of press time no fraud has been discovered, and Abbott was too giddy to concern himself with the difference between assumption and fact and vowed to bring both the prosecutorial noise AND the legislative funk. As noted above, POTUS went next level, asserting that all 58,000 votes were illegal.

Because why the #### not?


Here's Why

Non-citizens here legally are permitted to possess driver licenses (or state ID cards). Secretary Whitley dug into DPS files to find out how many of those residents were out there that were also registered to vote. Fair enough. Then he checked to see how many non-citizen license/ID holders actually voted over the past 22 years, and came up with 58,000. Also fair enough.


Then he didn’t check to see how many of any of them had become red-blooded American citizens between the time they legally obtained a license/ID and the time they registered to vote/voted.


Oh, dear. That’s some flawed methodology right there.