“In 2017 working ‘fulltime’ Judge Robison had 65 days of court in Hays county but gets a pass in 2018 because of illness. Judge Boyer had 74 days in court in 2017. Keep in mind that they have both Comal and Caldwell county in addition to Hays county. Hays county makes up more than 50 percent of their population base and more than 50 percent of their caseload. If the caseload is being evenly distributed, it means that Judge Robison is working court 130 days a year and Judge Boyer is working in court 148 days per year. Each one of these numbers can be confirmed through Office of Court Administration and actual docket calendars and court records in Hays County. This lack of work is a systematic, intentional harm to our taxpayers that has been going on for years without knowledge of the taxpayers.”


That’s right. He said “intentional harm”. That’s a bold statement.

In case you don’t see how this lack of efficiency affects central Texas families, Henry explains: “This lack of efficiency matters immensely. It means that central Texas families cannot get their day in court. It means that Hays county is on the hook for over $15,000 per day in out-of-county jail population. It means that citizens, attorneys, and litigants exhibit a daily barrage of criticism because they cannot access their justice system. The New Braunfels judges do not hear this criticism because they are always somewhere else. When they do respond to criticism, they say that they have a ‘constitutional duty’ not to move defendants through the jail system. The argument that they do not have a duty with regard to the jail is absurd, but it is a way to make sure they are not responsible for this problem.”


You know what DA Tharp, whom we have roasted upon these digital pages, and Judges Robison, Boyer and Steel have in common? They’re all elected politicians. So maybe we’re expecting a level of moral responsibility that people cut from that particular cloth are incapable of demonstrating. Nonetheless, we’re going to proceed as if they could live up to basic professional standards of competence and behavior but simply choose otherwise. I mean, it’s what they get paid to do to other people all day. #turnabout


“The New Braunfels judges are in total control and will not solve any problems. The New Braunfels judges accomplish this through platitudes and promises but they do not provide any statistics for what they have done or what they will do. The total effect is that nothing has improved for Central Texas taxpayers and the New Braunfels judges are so emboldened that they have no accountability.


And then, the clincher; the coup de grâce; the "money shot", as it were: “Each judge from New Braunfels is always somewhere else when there is important work to be done. Warrants do not get signed; emergency orders do not get considered simply because the New Braunfels judges are nowhere to be found.”


One might imagine how not being around to sign stuff could delay, and therefore deny, justice to victims of crime and their families.


We’ll be back in couple of days with more deliciousness from Judge Henry along with Judge Steel’s response to him, courtesy of the Houston Chronicle.



Mike Reynolds