Welcome to the Future

Happy 2019, everybody. Remember, avoid any business that uses “New Year, New You” as a marketing tool. It shows a painful lack of creativity and you don’t need that. We're in Blade Runner territory now and you know what that means.


New Private School Opening

Joyful Hearts Leadership Academy in Gruene Lake Village is now interviewing for pre-k through third grade, so if you’ve got a little one that you’d like to benefit from a proven curriculum and an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, check out their website at or send an email directly to the school's principal, Dr Alyssa Hidalgo, at Do it now because that sweet student-to-teacher ratio means openings are limited and the more competitive mommies are already lining up. Don't let them get the jump on you.


All Heck Breaking Loose

Judge Bill Henry with what we presume are his wife and child at a campaign stop


A couple weeks back, Hays County-based District Judge Bill Henry unleashed the beast against NB-based District Judges Jack Robison, Gary Steel and Bruce Boyer for being layabouts who are not only ripping off taxpayers, but screwing with the justice system as well. Hey, this is off-topic but do you remember when Boyer had to admit to violating the open meetings act while serving as Mayor of New Braunfels? I do. Even written rules are hard to follow, apparently.


Anyway, we can’t reprint all 12 pages of Henry’s open letter to taxpayers and elected officials here, but we’ll hit the high points in today’s column and a second later this week. Watch yo’ inbox. Oh no let's go!


Steel, Robison, Boyer Put on Blast

The Prime Excerpts:

“The bottom line is that the New Braunfels Judges (Gary Steel, Jack Robison and Bruce Boyer) have been involved in an ongoing sham for many years at the expense of our taxpayers. Judge Steel had court 48 times in Hays county in 2017. Judge Steel had court 35 times in Hays county through the end of November of 2018. Hays county is Judge Steel’s largest county by far. Hays county has the majority of Judge Steel’s cases. That means he is having court in his largest county less* than one day per week. If Judge Steel is giving his smaller counties equal time, he is in court less** than 150 days per year. By contrast I had 220 days in court in Hays county in 2017.”


Editor’s Note: