Scooter Menace Averted (For Now)

An unknown entrepreneur dropped off a pair of electric scooters on NB’s downtown streets on Monday, and just left them there for people to, presumably, use with the help of an app and a credit/debit card:

Despite the company’s New Braunfels-inspired name, the above “Unicorn Scooters” app implies an Austin pedigree. A visit to their website,, reveals that they are ultimately planning to sell scooters to naive, would-be businesspeople, with encouragement to just put them out on city streets and start making money fo’ nothing:

This is a mere screenshot - not a paid advertisement

We don't know these people

As you can see, they're not yet taking pre-orders—a request for information on buying a scooter returns a message saying that you can’t buy a scooter.


A quick inspect of the WHOIS database for who owns the company’s domain name uncovers… nothing. They’ve got a Canadian privacy package locked on it, as they wish to do business anonymously:


Anyway, this unicorn thing + scooters not for sale yet + downtown drop-off of scooters that aren’t for sale yet means the company belongs to an NB local or is highly coincidental civic gimmick infringement. We’re putting our money on a local who doesn’t want to be identified. #intrigue


NBPD put out a 90-day ban on all commercial scooters, and anybody caught riding them at large will be subject to a Class C misdemeanor and up to a $500 fine, but keep in mind that we’re in Comal County, which means you could spend maybe three or four months in jail if the DA notices your ticket. Don’t risk it.


Expect fireworks when this thing hits City Council. Should be a fun ride.


Mike Reynolds