These Aren't the Bones

You’re Looking For

Last week, utility workers came across the skeletal leftovers of what was, at one time, a human. As the remains were found near FM1044 and Green Valley Rd, which is about a five minute drive (three minutes if you’re leaving a crime scene) from the 2600 block of Savanna Hill Circle, speculation naturally began taking shape over the fate of Joshua Davis, Jr, the 18-month-old who vanished from his home at the latter address back in 2011.


As it turned out, the scraps belonged to an adult without a lower jaw, which gave rise to further speculation that the skull might be that of film critic Roger Ebert, who died in 2013. It was then reported that the upper jaw had but a single tooth, which took Ebert out of the running as he did not own a home in Canyon Lake.


If you're logged into Facebook, you can click on this photo of exhausted NBPD Public Information Officer David Ferguson to launch a video of him explaining WTF is going on with this deal:

Dave Ferguson.png

Far be it from us to get all pedantic, Dave, but if you’re still looking for a kid after eight years, “We have a good reputation of getting to the bottom of things” maybe isn’t the best choice of words. ($1 to Chase Cochran for that one.)