Suspected Heresy

According to this liberal media map created by statistical analysis site, many of we Texans enjoyed cornbread with our Thanksgiving dinners. I know this map is left-wing fiction, because I’m a full-blooded Texan and I can unequivocally state that I have never, EV-ER, had cornbread with Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, I spent my first 31 Thanksgivings in Southern California and the next seven in Nevada, so I could be behind the curve on the cornbread, but I will also unequivocally state that precisely zero of those first 38 featured salad at the table. That is #fakenews.

I don’t know who’s got it worse, the American west or New England, but I now understand why everybody moves to Florida when they’ve had enough of either. Click on the map to read the full article.

Christmas at 24fps

Thanksgiving night is when the Christmas onslaught officially begins, which means it’s now acceptable to begin watching Christmas movies. If you, like me, have had your limit of George Bailey giving Mr Potter the what-for, the banal tripe about the kid and the BB gun, and/or, gods forbid, “Elf”, I submit to you a film I’ve heard about for years but only saw after this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.



“Rare Exports” is the X-mas movie you need to stream into your TV through whatever service you stream movies into your TV with. It’s mostly in Finnish with English subtitles, and not for children under 12. Maybe 14, if they're slow thinkers. In any case, if you have the means, I highly recommend you give it a tumble. It’s going into permanent Christmas rotation in the Reynolds household, right up there with “Scrooged” and “Die Hard”.


And “Emmet Otter”.






Mike Reynolds