Happy Black Friday

Hey, all of us here at your TXC hope y’all had a sweet Thanksgiving with yo’ friends and family. I made this for my loved ones:

Happy Black Friday

Circus peanuts and candy corn in a lime gelatin suspension. It was my first shot at something like this, and I learned a lot. Next year’s will be better, because I’m going use a dragon roll instead of most of the circus peanuts.

POTUS Rocks T-Giving

Like you, I spent Thanksgiving morning listening to President Trump warn the Coast Guard and Americans-at-large of the dangers of the “bad people” at our southern border WITHOUT A NOTE OF IRONY. And he NAILED IT.


Note:  It’s ironic because the first Thanksgiving was attended by America’s native peoples and immigrants that just showed up one day without asking permission from anybody. Granted, those natives were later slaughtered by non-stop waves of immigrant hoards and their progeny, so maybe the story of the first Thanksgiving is more cautionary tale than I’d care to admit.


Here’s a photo of a president serving Thanksgiving dinner to the troops:

We would have posted one of President Trump serving Thanksgiving dinner to the troops, but he spent the holiday slinging red meat via an uplink at Mar-a-Lago.