Horton is currently serving two life sentences in Maryland right now for crimes committed while on furlough, as well as his previous convictions. Massachusetts wanted him back, but Maryland didn’t want to give him another shot at a weekend pass.


I wasn’t so hot on Bush the second time around. I was all-in for pre-Trump-crazy-man Ross Perot in ’92, right up until I was driving to the polls. Back then, networks would call races way before the polls closed, and it looked like party boy Bill Clinton was going to win. So I switched my vote to Bush in a last minute act of desperation. It didn’t help.



I remember a few things about First Bush:


During the 1980 Republican primary, Bush told Ronald Reagan that he was full of bologna, calling Reagan’s tax-less-spend-more plan “voodoo economics”. History has proven him right.


At the 1988 Republican Convention, he said “Read my lips: No new taxes”. Oops.


He was POTUS when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Reagan gets all the credit for that one, but it was Bush that got the ball into the end-zone. This was back when the GOP took zero guff from the Russians.




From the Russians.


He was forced by a full Dem congress to increase taxes for the 1990 budget. Boy, was America mad about that, because they had read his lips and all.


In 1992, Bush vomited on the prime minister of Japan:

He took the heat like a man and didn’t blame Dems or Japan for the incident, nor did he claim that the dishonest loser media edited the footage and it was actually the prime minister that vomited on him and #fakenews.


In 1992, he lost the presidency to Bill Clinton. People say that the broken tax pledge is what cost him the job. I agree, but only to the extent that it motivated cookie-elf Ross Perot to run.

 I maintain that Bush would have beaten Clinton if Perot hadn’t been rounding up the tax grievance vote. Maybe we can get Perot to run again on a pledge to make Mexico pay for the wall that we were promised they’d pay for. Worked once.



Friends With Benefits

Emily’s Elves are back at it, collecting donations of new, unwrapped toys for kids who might come up a little short this Christmas. There’s a big ol’ box over at the Prickly Pear Lounge at the NB Ramada that we can fill up with sweet holiday goodness, so let’s do that. If you’d rather throw cash at the elves’ Christmas dinner donation program (feeds 500!), you can do that with a click click click right HERE. 


This is one of the all-time great local charities, and your contributions stay right here in the NB, helping out our friends and neighbors.



Mike Reynolds