44, We hardly knew ye.

Texas laid the last great cold-warrior POTUS to rest this past week, out to the A&M, which is where said POTUS’ library is located. Liberals seem to like him well enough now, but I remember when they hated the guy, which was before the White House’s current occupant gave them something to legit complain about.


It was painful to watch President Trump sit there and stoically endure speaker after speaker going on about Bush’s character. WTF is Valdimir Putin going to say at Trump’s funeral? That he was good at winning? That he surrounded himself with people he could blame for his own misdeeds? Because anybody can win bigly if they’re born rich AND unconstrained by ethics, laws, and general standards of decent behavior.


Anyway, GHW Bush was the first president I ever voted for, way back in 1992. He was up against this li'l fella:

That’s former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis in one of the two photographs that pushed Bush over the finish line. I mean, look at that dork riding around in that tank. Back then, nobody thought Democrats were at all interested in defense, so that shot came off as insincere AF. In all fairness, I think he might’ve gotten away with it if he hadn’t put on the helmet. Here’s the other picture that got GHWB elected:

That’s Willie Horton. He’s the terrifying murderer/kidnapper/car thief/stabber/rapist that was given weekend passes from prison while Dukakis was governor, and who took the opportunity to roam the eastern seaboard unsupervised to commit more mayhem. Made Dukakis look weak on crime, I tell you what. And he was. Stupid Dukakis. I mean really.


Legendary Republican ops man Lee Atwater knew that if you can scare white people, you can have anything you want, and nothing scares white people more than a black criminal. Dukakis handed Atwater everything he needed for a Bush win. YOU DON’T LET MURDERERS HAVE VACATION TIME IF YOU'RE RUNNING FOR OFFICE. They're dangerous.