Now, as we all know from the synoptic Gospels, Jesus never EVER touched cannabis oil. John’s Gospel, however, is prima facia evidence that powerful hallucinogens were in vogue among dedicated believers late in the century following Christ’s death, so expect the moral correctness caucus in the Texas Senate to face some confusion before having a few things to say about allowing sick people to have particular medicines.


Remember, healthy people “lead good lives” to begin with. (That’s friend of Jesus, Mo Brooks, out of Alabama in case you forgot.)

The bottom line, according to Mo: Good people don’t need as much medicine as people that aren’t so good. You can tell who’s good or bad by their health. I hereby refer Mr Brooks to the Book of Job, with little confidence that he’ll understand it.

Editor's Note: This column is being written from Nevada, where reefer is legal. It is therefore being written under the influence of such.


In other news...

Tree antagonist and Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a measure legalizing brass knuckles and clubs, as we live in a society where hand to hand combat is a thing. Or should at least be encouraged. It’s part of being “Texas Tough”, after all. We wouldn’t want to be “California Weak”.

Go Outside - You Don't Get Out Enough

There’s stuff to do! First of all, you're going to want to take yo' Dad over to The Downtowner for Father's Day Soul Brunch with DJ


Then, head over to Gruene Lake Village on Saturday from 9a to 3p for McNamera’s Farmers Market! It’s both dog and kid friendly, and you can stock up on your hot sauce and baked goods for the week all while enjoying beautiful Gruene Lake Village!

You know, Gruene Lake Village, where Kora Kora Coffee and the Gruene Door Restaurant are, at the corner of Gruene Lake Dr and World Famous Gruene Rd.


Get out there. The fresh air'll do you good probably.



Mike Reynolds