1) GBRA is ####ed


Two of the six dams in its charge are no longer damning anything.


Patty Gonzales: “This is not going to be a quick fix, it would be years. This is going to be a long-term… We experienced a spill gate failure at Lake Wood (Gonzales County) three years ago, that lake is de-watered and dry.”


New spill gates for all six have been in the design phase for quite some time, but they ain’t ready. And that’s not the worst of it:


Also Patty Gonzales: “Funding is going to be an issue, because while we don’t have an exact number yet, we do know that each dam will cost tens of millions of dollars to replace those spill gates.”


Uh oh.

2) The Nightmare for Homeowners is Billable


GBRA sent out a press release Thursday that included this verbiage:


“GBRA’s revenues alone cannot support that level of investment. GBRA is continuing to research all available funding opportunities through state and federal resources, as well as stakeholder partnerships.” (The level of investment noted in the release was $15 to $35 million.)


STAKEHOLDER PARTNERSHIPS. You know what “stakeholder partnerships” are? That’s when the homeowners in a neighborhood get to pay $15 to $35 million dollars to fix a dam they thought was somebody else’s responsibility all this time.


And yeah, they’ve got a few more immediate problems too.

3) The Water Quality Will Be “Less Than Ideal”


We got two, count ‘em, TWO wastewater (sewage) treatment plants emptying into the Guadalupe river, both of them built on the presumption that there would be a whole lot of water in which to dissolve stuff in the Lake Dunlap area. Sure, a river still runs through part of it, but whoa Nellie, it’s a far cry from a lake.


If you don’t think that’s big trouble, try this: Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a gallon of water. Taste it. Now dissolve a gallon of salt in a teaspoon of water and taste that. That’s what you get for challenging the obvious.


Anyway, the environmental impact will likely continue downstream, and for years to come.


This thing is just getting started. We’ll have more for you in a few days.


Mike Reynolds


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