Issue #1916


Portion of Guadalupe River Spontaneously Reverts to Its Natural State

It seems every few months, our fair city makes international news for something we’d rather not be known for—the Facebook “terrorism” case, the “Hot Girls Wanted” documentary, The Scooters Store's FBI raid, Joshua Davis, Jr’s whereabouts (it’s a podcast now), the DA’s refusal to press charges in the brutal Aliah Hernandez case, Judge Jack Robison’s illegal incarceration of Don Bandelman, Judge Jack Robison’s raising of Justin Carter’s bail to a half-million dollars for what turned out to be a misdemeanor, and Judge Jack Robison’s revelation to a jury that God Himself said that the woman on trial for human trafficking was innocent (she wasn’t).


The list goes on. And here we go again with the second of GBRA’s spillways to fail in the last three years, this story launching with the destruction of Lake Dunlap.


In case you missed the video, here you are:

And yes, we did say international. Here’s a screenshot from Britain’s Sky News:

They love this stuff over there

The dam busted wide open on Tuesday morning, and while GBRA’s Communications Manager Patty Gonzales has requested a few more days to provide answers to a pair of more critical questions, we’ve decided to run with what we’ve got so far, which is on the next page.