Proposition Two

Prop Two was the most opposed bond on the list, because it’s for parks and rec and whatnot, which are clearly socialist programs for the entertainment of poor people, except for the golf course, which is a different thing. Anyway, it still passed, so the playgrounds will be getting a half-million bucks worth of all-abilities equipment, the Comal Cemetery will get a new, $5 million wall to keep the corpses from escaping, and just under $26 million will go toward that new, 150 acre sports park you’ve been wanting.

That Sports Park You've Been Wanting

Proposition Three

We’ll be replacing an old, broken down fire station (#2), replacing another old, broken down fire station (#3) at about $7 million each, and getting a spankin’ new police station (just one of those) for $36 million.

Spankin' New Police Station

Proposition Four

The least expensive, yet second only to #2 in lack of support because libraries are another socialist program designed for liberal elites to indoctrinate our fair city’s children with books and ideas, Prop Four passed, 2,470 to 857, which means there’s going to be a new library built next to the Westside Community Center. It looks nice, and is probably a bargain at $5.5 million. Enjoy.

Nice New Library


Go Outside - You Don't Get Out Enough

There’s stuff to do! First, head over to Gruene Lake Village every Saturday from 9a to 3p for McNamera’s Farmers Market! It’s both dog and kid friendly, and you can stock up on your hot sauce, baked goods, and gourmet dog treats for the week all while enjoying beautiful Gruene Lake Village!

You know, Gruene Lake Village, where Kora Kora Coffee and the Gruene Door Restaurant are, at the corner of Gruene Lake Dr and World Famous Gruene Rd.


THEN, make plans to head out to Riley’s Tavern on Sunday,

June 1, when the Rods at Riley’s classic car exhibition returns to Hunter with The Georges on stage and heapin’ plates o’ BBQ in yo’ mouf.


Do it. You need the sun.


Mike Reynolds


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