Oh, yeah. Muslims.

You know how certain people of faith go absolutely nuts when them Muslims start imposing cultural rules that conform to their religion? Well, guess what—SB 17 is right up their alley. Their Taliban alley. Their Taliballey.


There are only two religions that actively condemn Sodomites in 2019 America: right-wing Christianity and fundamentalist Islam. That probably means something. You figure it out.


Why You Hate Money, Bruh?

At the end of the day, all SB 17 does is obligate certain religious people to lose money. Without a legal defense for refusing to cut an avowed lesbian’s hair real short like they like, a right-thinking hair dresser would have to send said lesbian to a gay-tolerant salon (if such a thing exists) or risk condemnation by their friends for providing the service. In other words, business people need laws against discrimination so they can take everybody’s cash without having to make excuses for why they did it when they get back to their church or “social club” meeting or whatever.


“Welcome to church. I heard you cut that Katherine’s hair the other day. Real short like they like it. I guess you’re proud of yourself now, libtard.”


“Don’t be like that, you know I didn’t have a choice. F#####g government said I have to.”



There’s a valid case to made that we should know who the hostile players in our midst are, as this will bring them into the sunlight where the market will decide if their businesses live or die. But that assumes there aren’t enough of them to reach critical mass. If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that there are more hostile people out there than we thought, that contempt for certain groups spreads like a virus, and that all they need to mobilize is permission to do so from somebody in government.

Ok, maybe a little gay on this one.

Perhaps it’s best to not offer that permission with bills like SB 17, and let that part of our culture remain mostly napping and breeding amongst themselves.

Go Outside - You Don't Get Out Enough

There’s stuff to do! First, head over to Gruene Lake Village every Saturday from 9a to 3p for McNamera’s Farmers Market! It’s both dog and kid friendly, and you can stock up on your hot sauce, baked goods, and gourmet dog treats for the week all while enjoying beautiful Gruene Lake Village!

You know, Gruene Lake Village, where Kora Kora Coffee and the Gruene Door Restaurant are, at the corner of Gruene Lake Dr and World Famous Gruene Rd.


THEN, make plans to head out to Riley’s Tavern on Sunday,

June 1, when the Rods at Riley’s classic car exhibition returns to Hunter with The Georges on stage and heapin’ plates o’ BBQ in yo’ mouf.


Do it. You need the sun.


Mike Reynolds

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