Look, y’all have had plenty enough time to fully enjoy the Mueller report, so if you don’t mind, the TXC newsroom would like to direct your attention to what really matters: The Great State of Texas.


SB 17 is Coming to Wreck

Yo’ Bidness

As part of its perpetual mission of letting the gay know exactly who’s boss, the Texas Senate gave its blessing to yet another “religious freedom” bill, providing state-licensed workers—such as physicians, engineers and barbers—a legal defense should they be disciplined or fired for refusing service based on “a sincerely held religious belief”, whatever that is.


See, as far as the government is concerned, one’s religious beliefs are whatever one says they are at the time one says what they are. It can change any time somebody’s god of choice delivers new orders, and the rest of us just have to take it on faith that the somebody got the message right. The author of the bill, Senator Charles Perry-R, straight outta Lubbock, knows this, stating that there’s “no real definition” of a sincerely held religious belief: “It’s what you practice and what you believe.” Right now. Today. Can’t be tested. Have to take everybody’s word for it. Hooray.


Despite Perry’s protestations that the bill has nothing to do with the gay, he declined to allow language into the bill specifically protecting them. We all know this whole thing is because of that wedding cake fiasco up in wherever that was, so let’s not pretend otherwise. Let's not be coy. It don't look good on you.

Senator Perry - Definitely not gay

The Several Reasons this Bites

First of all, I’m sure that somewhere there’s an atheist that would like to discriminate against homos. For the record, I’ve never met an atheist that would even consider doing that, but the point remains.


In order to deny plans for Adam and Steve’s beach house, a non-theist architect would be out of luck, and have to either take the job and the money or lie about his workload. He or she would not enjoy the luxury of making a public scene of kicking the decision up to a deity that disapproves of the gay as much as he or she does. They would not be able to score points with their friends for standing up for their beliefs.


How awful to be denied a right so freely given to Islamists.