Issue #1912

Nice Industrial Park

You Got There

I know, we all thought NB’s  “Water the Rules” campaign from 2012 or whenever was bad, and it was. No question. But in a “Hold My Beer” moment, 2019’s city council just approved the following abomination to greet visitors and locals alike to New Braunfels as we celebrate our fair city’s 175th anniversary:

It took the designers six months to come up with this unmitigated rubbish. It took SIX MONTHS to rule out Omas and Opas, sausages, Prince Solms, beer steins, tubes, and/or rivers from possibly representing New Braunfels; all ignored or jettisoned in favor of generic block lettering. They couldn’t even go gothic with the font. How far this misses the mark cannot be overstated, and for possibly the first time in my life, I’m at a loss for words.


Remember when King of the Hill gave us a mention? They nailed our whole vibe in the 2005 episode, “Yard, She Blows”:


Peggy: You know that German tourist town on I-35? The one with the windmills and the gingerbread houses?


Hank: Ugh. New Hoffenschime.

That’s right. He was talking about us to the whole country. He even came to town to buy a garden gnome. We have a cultural gimmick to live up to and derivative, franchise-blight signage ain’t getting the job done.

Ok, now it makes sense. Thanks, Facebook!

This is what happens when good old boys run the show. Council, you could have hired any number of fantastic local designers to do that mutha’ right, but you didn’t, because connections trump merit. Congratulations, geniuses. You win again. #best #brightest

Dripping Springs Gets It Right

A couple of Dripping Springs lifers have put forth the idea that city father Dr Pound should be honored with the naming rights to the town, as if people calling you “Dr Pound” weren’t maybe the highest honor possible. The proposed signage is way better than that for NB’s 175th:

Business fair Kids.jpg