Pro-Tip: If convicted by Judge Robison, immediately demand he undergo a psychological evaluation, much in the way one might fight a speeding ticket by requesting the calibration history of the radar gun used to catch you. You know it's worth a shot.

Anyway, he got another warning from the Commission for his antics—in other words, he got away with it again. No consequences for anybody with actual government power, just like in real life. Hooray.

And Now for Some Good News

In celebration of the Great State’s independence, and as tradition demands, the Texas Exes of Comal and Guadalupe counties got together last week and had themselves a shindig down at the Lake Breeze Ski Lodge out in McQueeny.

Longhorn Vice President and Athletic Director Chris Del Conte (tall guy, far left) came down from Austin to after-dinner speak to the assembled alumni. Clearly impressed by our fair city, Del Conte told the group that “Towns like this are the soul of Texas”, and we tend to agree.


Hook them, you all.

Ann Terry, President of the Guadalupe County Texas Exes, had a few nice words for us: "We're happy to have Chris Del Conte and Chuck Harris here tonight, we have this annual event every year with Comal County, and it's wonderful to join the two at a halfway location in-between and it's nice fellowship to celebrate Texas Independence Day."

Then we caught up with the aforementioned Chuck Harris, the Executive Director of the Texas Exes, and snagged this sweet quote: "There's not anyplace else I'd like to be than right here in new Braunfels. You have Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, but if you think about the identity of Texas, it's about places like this. People coming together at a lodge like this to spend some time together... what's the saying? In 1900 the ex-students of the University said 'When two Texas Exes shall meet on March 2nd, they shall break bread and celebrate the University that they graduated from and gave them their future.' And that's what we're here to celebrate.

The Comal County Exes raised $2,500 in auction funds for scholarships for local students who are attending UT this fall. If you’d like to get involved with the local chapter, address a piece of electronic mail to



Mike Reynolds