Issue #1910

Recidivist Judge Smacked Down—Again

The 207th District (you know, us) can’t get enough of Judge Jack Robison, a man who has continually shown himself unfit for the job, but who keeps getting it, term after term, because, we presume, some kind of Texas political cult thing.

  • Remember back in aught-nine when he illegally threw Don Bandelman in jail without notice or hearing because Bandelman called Robison a “fool” while in a restroom? The State Commission on Judicial Conduct slapped Robison on his wrist for violating two sections of the judicial code. Bandelman spent two days of his life in jail. Two days of jail he in no way deserved. Oh, well. Things happen.



  • Remember last year, when Gloria Romero-Perez was on trial for selling her teen niece to some guy for $6,000 and Robison went into the jury room and told the people in it that God told him to tell them to let her off the hook? Remember that? I mean, I was taught not to question God or his prophets OR ELSE, and for that reason we have to hand it to the jury. They found her guilty anyway. Bold move on their part, considering the risk to their eternal souls.

"When God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it,” - Judge Jack Robison (for reals)


As it turns out, Judge Robison realized that he ###### up good that time, so he got himself a doctor’s note saying he had ‘temporary delirium’, and that he is all better now. I think we can all appreciate that a man subject to delirium with a history of extremely poor judgment should remain in a position to make life-or-death decisions for other people and we’re certain that it’s nothing to worry about.