Issue #1909

Murder Charges Against Schlitterbahn’s

Jeff Henry Dropped

Citing what cynics might describe as ‘prosecutorial shenanigans’ Wyandotte County, Kansas Judge Robert Burns dismissed the second-degree murder charges against water-slide god Jeff Henry, his designer Jeff Schooley, and Schlitterbahn Kansas City’s former Ops Manager Tyler Miles. The case had been brought against the trio in the aftermath of the 2016 decapitation death of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab on “Verrückt”, the now-dismantled waterslide once billed as the world’s tallest.

The shenanigans in question relate to how the Kansas AG’s office managed to squeeze a grand jury for a murder indictment against Henry et al. According to defense counsel and of particular note, prosecutors used dramatized Travel Channel video of boats flying out of the ride without disclosing that the scenes were staged. Jurors were also told repeatedly that Verrückt didn’t meet ASTM International standards, implying that Henry was in violation of Kansas law, when in fact Kansas didn’t require compliance with those standards until after Schwab’s death. Prosecutors also threw in a story about an unrelated death at one of Henry’s Texas parks. Because why not.

"We meant to do that"